Decked out

For Christmas this year Mandy’s parents and mine gave us presents to use on our balcony. My parents gave us a Webber Baby Q, a small hooded gas barbecue produced by Webber, who are more commonly known for their kettle barbecues.

The barbie can fit a decent amount of meat on it despite it’s small size. It has a single oval shaped burner inside, which does a good job of heating the entire grill. Unfortunately the small size means there is no plate for cooking onion. We were also given a stand designed for the device; it is quite low and wobbles a lot when scraping the barbie clean. Despite these two complaints it I am very happy with it, and have cooked 4 meals on it since setting it up on Friday.

Mandy’s parents gave us a stained wooden outdoor setting: a table and two chairs. It fits nicely on the balcony, and is great for enjoying the sunshine. I sat out there for 4 hours with my laptop setting up this blog over the weekend.

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